Though it?s small and tiny in shape, Bali makes up in the adventure department. Whether you?re looking for an adrenaline rush of the killer surf or the peaceful yoga session, Bali has it all. Deeply connected to its roots, Bali offers an array of activities that makes your experience one of a kind and will keep you coming back for more.

Bali is not what it is now without the killer surf and jaw dropping beaches that are littered around the island. Enjoy the very popular beach of Pantai Batu Bolong that is minutes away from the villa, for some amazing surf breaks moments.

White Water Rafting
Not only is Bali littered with surf spots, but Bali is also blessed with the many clear and pure rivers that crisscross around the island. Snaking its way through Bali?s dense rainforest, the Telaga Waja River provides endless thrills across the many rocks and sharp waterfalls.

Have your body pampered with the world-famed Balinese spa with postcard perfect views over the Indian Ocean or the mystical jungles of Ubud. Use the traditional Balinese techniques and natural products especially made for you to refresh your body and soul.

Festivals and Tradition
With the majority of the Balinese celebrate the Hindu gods, the tradition present is profound. And that definitely preludes to the many colourful festivals in Bali, from the Kecak Dance to the silent day of Nyepi, Bali possess them all.

Yogis from all parts of the world flock this island for its tranquillity. Bali offers a sacred paradise perfect for healing and renewals. Don?t be discouraged if you are a casual yoga person or beginners, because many communities around the island offer yoga classes for you to have the best yoga journey for the holistic healing.

Water Sports
Not only is the island beautiful, but what lies underneath the blue sea is just as breathtaking. Dive on the Bali?s coral gardens, snorkel with the horde of fish, or take on the wave with jet skis, Bali offers a spectacle of water sports for you to enjoy.